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🌟 Foundation Classes: Your Gateway to Asbury UMC and Christianity

Are you new to Asbury UMC and eager to deepen your understanding of our church, the United Methodist Church, and the Christian faith? Look no further than our Foundation Classes—a comprehensive introduction designed to integrate newcomers into the vibrant fabric of our community.

🏰 Building a Strong Foundation: Join us for a series of engaging sessions where you’ll explore the core principles and values that define Asbury UMC. From understanding our church’s structure to delving into the rich history and beliefs of the United Methodist Church, these classes serve as your roadmap for active participation in our mission.

📚 Class Topics Include:

  1. Introduction to Asbury UMC: Learn about our church’s history, mission, and ministries, and discover how you can become an integral part of our community.
  2. Exploring the United Methodist Church: Dive into the distinctive beliefs, practices, and governance of the United Methodist Church, gaining insights into our denomination’s rich heritage.
  3. Foundations of Christianity: Journey through the fundamental teachings of Christianity, exploring key concepts such as salvation, grace, and discipleship in a welcoming and supportive environment.

🤝 Integrating Into Asbury’s Mission: Our ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to actively engage in Asbury’s mission: to come worship, build faith, and love people. Whether you’re new to Christianity or seeking to deepen your spiritual journey, these classes offer a pathway to meaningful involvement and connection within our community.

🔍 How to Participate: All are welcome to attend our Foundation Classes, regardless of background or experience. Simply come with an open heart and a willingness to learn. Use the form below to find out more info and let us know you’re coming. However, no registration required—just show up and join the journey!

🌱 Planting Seeds of Knowledge, Growing Roots of Faith: Embark on a transformative learning experience that will empower you to thrive within our community and deepen your relationship with God. We look forward to welcoming you to our Foundation Classes as we journey together in faith.

Asbury UMC – Where Every Journey Begins with a Strong Foundation.

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Jul 21 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Room 119 (Choir Room)
Asbury UMC


Tom Brosey
Tom Brosey

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