Who Touched Me?

  1. Sermon Series: The Red Letters
    • Explanation of the series focusing on the words spoken by Jesus during his earthly ministry.
  2. Introduction and Opening Prayer
    • Pastor's welcome and introduction.
    • Opening prayer focusing on seeking God's presence.
  3. Exploration of Interruptions
    • Reflection on personal responses to interruptions.
    • Different scenarios of interruptions discussed, such as office interruptions and family experiences.
  4. Biblical Text: Luke 8:40-56
    • Overview and reading of the scripture passage.
  5. Key Characters: Jairus
    • Introduction of Jairus, a synagogue leader, and his desperate plea to Jesus for help with his dying daughter.
  6. Key Characters: The Woman with the Issue of Blood
    • Introduction of the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years and her courageous act of reaching out to touch Jesus' cloak.
  7. Jesus' Response to Interruptions
    • Analysis of Jesus' reactions to interruptions, including the crowd pressing in, Jairus' plea, and the woman's touch.
  8. Crowd's Reaction to Jesus
    • Discussion of the crowd's anticipation, skepticism, and laughter at Jesus' words.
  9. Miraculous Healing
    • Description of the miraculous healing of the woman with the issue of blood and the resurrection of Jairus' daughter.
  10. Following the Spirit's Nudge
    • Emphasis on being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the midst of interruptions.
    • Encouragement to develop a sixth sense for recognizing the Spirit's direction.
  11. Practical Steps: Scripture, Relationship, and Practice
    • Practical advice on staying connected with God through scripture study.
    • Importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God.
    • The significance of practicing and honing the ability to listen to the Holy Spirit.
  12. Conclusion and Prayer
    • Recap of the main points.
    • Closing prayer focusing on sensitivity to the Spirit's nudges.
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