The Old and New

  1. Red Letters of Jesus: The sermon series revolves around the red letters of Jesus, focusing on the words spoken by Jesus in the Bible.
  2. Fasting in Religious Practices: The sermon delves into the practice of fasting, its historical context, and its significance in religious observances.
  3. Measuring Spiritual Devotion: The sermon discusses the tendency to measure people's faith based on outward practices, such as fasting, and contrasts this with Jesus' perspective.
  4. Parable of the New Wine Skins: The sermon explores the parable from Luke 5:33-39, where Jesus talks about new wine and old wine skins as a metaphor for change and adaptation in faith practices.
  5. Church as a Wine Skin: The metaphor of the church as a wine skin is used to discuss its role in producing the desired outcome, akin to the production of wine.
  6. New Wine vs. Old Wine: Jesus discusses the preference for well-aged wine, drawing parallels to people's preferences for old ways versus new ways. This can be applied to various aspects of life, including traditions and practices.
  7. Effectiveness of Ministries: The sermon emphasizes the importance of ministries in the church, questioning whether they are effective in producing positive outcomes, such as helping people know Jesus and making disciples.
  8. Value of Old and New: The sermon acknowledges that both old and new can have value, depending on their effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome.
  9. Focus on Outcome: The overarching theme is the focus on the outcome—whether practices, ministries, or traditions contribute to glorifying Jesus and making disciples.
  10. Invitation to the Banquet Table: The sermon concludes with a call to say yes to the invitation to be in relationship with Jesus and extending that invitation to others.

11:00 Message Oct 15 2023 | Red Letters: The Old and New | CWC