Our Inheritance

  1. All Saints Sunday
    • Discussion about remembering saints who have gone before us.
  2. Inheritance in Christ
    • The concept of receiving a spiritual inheritance in Christ.
    • The enduring, unfading nature of this inheritance.
    • Stewardship of the inheritance for passing it on to the next generation.
  3. Legacy and Memories
    • The intangible aspects that make up a family legacy.
    • Memories and experiences passed down through generations.
  4. What Makes a Person/Family
    • Reflection on the intangible qualities that define a person or family.
    • Personal anecdotes about family traits and values.
  5. Physical Inheritance
    • Discussion about physical objects inherited, like land and property.
    • The significance of passing down physical possessions.
  6. Stewardship and Responsibility
    • The responsibility of stewarding the inheritance received.
    • Using the inheritance for good in the present.
  7. Down Payment on Inheritance
    • The concept of a down payment on the inheritance.
    • Applying the down payment to real-life situations (paying off debts).
  8. Ephesians Chapter 1
    • A detailed look at verses 11-14 and 15-23.
    • Discussion on the inheritance in Christ mentioned in Ephesians.
  9. Eyes to See God's Work
    • The importance of having eyes to see God's work in everyday life.
    • Not missing the power of the inheritance at work.
  10. Living in Grace
    • Living every moment as a moment full of grace and love.
    • Prioritizing living out the inheritance in Christ now.
  11. Prepared to Die
    • Living as those prepared to die, acknowledging the uncertainty of life.
    • Prioritizing grace and love in every moment.
  12. Sharing the Inheritance
    • Emphasizing the communal nature of the inheritance.
    • Encouraging sharing the Gospel and faith with others.
  13. Accepting and Embracing the Inheritance
    • Encouragement to accept and embrace the inheritance in Christ.
    • Overcoming feelings of unworthiness.
  14. Challenging Each Other
    • Challenging one another to live out the inheritance.
    • Encouraging a community of sharers in faith and love.