How Can You Say?

  1. Garage Sale Ministry
    • Explanation of the garage sale as a ministry.
    • Impact on various organizations through funds raised.
    • Community involvement and cooperation.
  2. Reflection on Personal Behavior
    • Pastor's personal experiences during a busy week.
    • Reflecting on individual behaviors and justifications.
    • Examples of behaviors that are often explained away.
  3. Sermon Series: Red Letters of Jesus
    • Introduction to the "Red Letters of Jesus" sermon series.
    • Explanation of the significance of red letters in the Bible.
    • Focusing on Jesus' words from the Book of Luke.
  4. Luke 6:39-42 - Sermon on the Plane
    • Overview of the Sermon on the Plane in Luke 6.
    • Jesus' teaching on discipleship and being prepared.
    • Exploring the analogy of a blind person leading another.
  5. Self-Reflection and Judgment
    • The challenge of recognizing shortcomings in oneself.
    • Jesus' teaching on not judging others.
    • Discussion on bias and self-justification.
  6. Deception and Self-Awareness
    • Jesus' warning about self-deception.
    • The danger of thinking more highly of oneself.
    • Importance of self-awareness and humility.
  7. Measuring Stick: Jesus as the Teacher
    • The role of Jesus as the ultimate example.
    • The importance of disciples aspiring to be like their teacher.
    • Acknowledging the journey of growth and the need for grace.
  8. Practical Advice: Don't Judge, Forgive
    • Jesus' practical advice on judging, condemning, and forgiving.
    • Emphasizing actions disciples can take in their lives.
    • The need for grace, repentance, and forgiveness.
  9. Compassion for Others
    • The shift from judgment to compassion.
    • Understanding the challenges others face.
    • Turning toward others with love and empathy.
  10. Closing Prayer and Reflection
  • Gratitude for God's compassion.
  • Request for help in recognizing personal shortcomings.
  • A prayer for the ability to show love and compassion to others.