Children's Morning Out

Who We Are

Our Children’s Morning Out (CMO) program for young children incorporates the basic concept of the Christian faith. We emphasize growth in all areas of a child’s life – spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional – as a continuous, interrelated process.

To achieve our goals, we believe the teaching methods and techniques used must be based on a proper understanding of child development and the teaching of the Bible. We pledge that our staff will constantly work to foster good attitudes in children by positive example.

Under the leadership of qualified staff, our classes will include a balance of activities; creative artwork, music, outdoor play, conversations, story times, dramatic play and group activities. Each child will be encouraged to grow in independence, spiritual and social development, and the development of his or her own unique talents and abilities.

Contact Information

1751 27th Street
Columbus, IN 47201
(812) 372-0419

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday – 7:30 -2:30
Follows Bartholomew County School Corporation Schedule

Our Curriculum

CMO is designed to teach each child what he or she is ready to learn. It is flexible – to meet the needs of each individual child. The same curriculum areas are used for all ages, but the experiences provided expand as the child grows and develops. Our curriculum focuses on the following:

Christ-centered learning based teaching;
Free play activities where children have the freedom to choose activities and playmates;
Periods of active play are followed by periods of relative quiet and rest;
Balance between self-directed and adult-guided activities;
Opportunities for group experiences, one-to-one interaction experiences and alone time;
Children are encouraged to participate in activities but are not forced to do so;
Daily outdoor activities, or vigorous indoor activity – dependent on the weather.

Classroom Assignments

CMO has 6 different classrooms in which children are divided into age appropriate groups. Upon registration, your child will be placed in the room that will best meet his/her needs. Once your child is placed in a classroom, they will generally not move into another room until the beginning of the next school year.

Please understand we have specific requirements for several of our classrooms, and we adhere to specific age limitations in our classrooms. While we understand many parents feel their children are ready to move on to the next stage early, please do not ask us to make an exception to our policy. Placing younger children in an older classroom is neither safe nor an advantage when learning age appropriate life skills.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your child’s classroom placement.

Registration Information

CMO Registration is held through the school year (we close during summer break), pending class space. Children are placed in a classroom at time of registration and generally do not change until following school year.

Families have the opportunity to choose the days/times they attend.
Hourly charges are only for the time your child attends; there is no charge for sick days or family vacations with prior notification.


Non-refundable yearly registration fee: $100.00 per child or $150.00 per family.

A late fee will be charged to your account for every 10 minutes your child is picked up after 2:30 pm.
A $15 No Show Fee will be charged if you do not report your child’s absence prior to 9:00 am on your child’s scheduled day of attendance or in the event of an extended absence. This fee is per child.
Payments are due by the 18th of each month. Those balances not paid in full by this date will be assessed a $5.00 Billing Fee.
Each child missing more than 2 calendar weeks, without a doctors note, will be charged a $15.00 daily fee. This fee will hold your spot upon your return and must be paid in advance of scheduled absences.